Safe surrounds

We provide a happy, warm and safe environment for your pet, offering both aquatic treadmill and pool facilities. The water is sanitised to the highest standard for a clean safe swim and heated to 28-30 degrees Celsius. This warmth promotes blood flow to the muscles, improving oxygen supply and helping muscles to relax, which allows better movement. All patients are treated individually, with a qualified hydrotherapist in the water at all times to give confidence and support. Each session begins and ends with a warm sensory shower and a blaster/towel dry for a comfortable journey home.

State-of-the-art equipment

Our custom-built 4 x 2m pool is accessed via a sturdy, sloping ramp and has inbuilt resting platforms to allow your pet to pause between swims, These rests also give our hydrotherapists a chance to perform massage and give sensory input, which is particularly effective for long term injuries and neurological cases.


The aquatic treadmill provides controlled exercise in a supported and safe environment, making it a good option for complex cases and nervous or water-phobic pets who prefer to keep their paws on the ground. Glass sides allow us to observe the whole animal and assess its range of motion and ability throughout the session and the adjustable speed and water level options allow us to achieve the correct gait pattern.